Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dawid and Goliat....

Ok, ill try whit a little simple tip now, but over some time my idea is to make this site to you best "learn to draw" site. ( I hope ;o)

Like Dawid, this tip is small, but wery usefull.
To learn drawing, its a matter of practis over and over... A fine and easy way to start, is to get the skills in your hands in way of "draw the line on paper", is to take a print of a cartoon and put it on a lighttable. Then take a new clean paper an put over the cartoon, and just try to follow the line to make a new copy.

Make 10 copys and Im very proud of you. AND !!!! it ok if you dont find them perfeckt, its the training that matters in the start, and it will be better, trust me!

If you dont have a lighttable, maby a glass table whit a light under it? a window on the sunny side? ( but dont look in to the sun).
A window is ok for small deatials, but its just for small drawings, its hard to draw 10 drawings standing.

A handymann in you family can make a lighttable for wery small money.
Or look in the paper, many light tables you can get for small money, og even for free.
I just got a "new" table for free, the newspaper in my town did not use it anymore;o)

Good lock... ill be back;o) Erik

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