Thursday, March 12, 2009


A least my imagination is. The funny thing is that when you start being creative...
The creativity starts growing by itself.
The myth is that the artist got the idea first and then he starts drawing. But as you soon will find out it is often the opposite way.
When you start drawing every day - you will start getting more and more ideas...
And when you draw them(even if it looks bad)
- the snowball starts to roll!

The drawing you see here is actualy a sketch for a big painting, but I will tell you more about that another day.

How do I start?

The secret here is to start without thinking: How do I start?!
Pencils and paper won't bite you.
What you make does not have to be perfect.

What do I need?

Well, the place to begin is with some good pencils and a nice sketchpad.
Your "beginners" set could be like mine:
  • B6, B4 and B2 pencils.
  • One HB leadpencil with a nice broad grip.
  • sketchpads or sketchbooks in different sizes (try some bigger than A4).
  • pencil-sharpener
The B6, B4 and B2 are very soft pencils. You can find them in some bookstores and paint shops. These pencils will be good for some very dark lines and don't be afraid to make something dark.
Dark areas makes light areas shine! wow!

The HB leadpencil is for smaller details.

Try both paper with a glossy surface and some with a rough surface.
Find out what suits you. The first one is best for fine details and the other one gives your drawing more "life" in the shadow areas.
(Young beginners:
If your budget is low, start drawing on the wallpaper where you live
- but ask for your parents permission first ;-)

Do I need an eraser?
No, you don't need an eraser. It will just be a reminder of your mistakes...
In the beginning you will make lots of mistakes, but it is importent not to worry about them - learn to live with them and you will learn faster.

What to draw?
Start with something simple, but in 3-D...
Yes, take a bite of an apple and start drawing it today!

I will soon give you more tips on what to draw and how to draw it.


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